New Book by Bob Moats

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Sorry I haven’t been posting lately on my blog, but I have a new book out and it’s gaining followers. The book is called “The Leviticus Murders” and is now available on all the ebook retailers and in print. Here’s the synopsis of the book:

Leviticus, chapter 18, verse 22, from the Bible has been interpreted as “a man having sex with a man, as one does with a woman, is an abomination to God.” Many modern day Christians have used this one archaic law to show hate towards gays. Now a killer is using the rest of the Leviticus laws to punish people for their sins. Most of these laws demand death by stoning or burning. This killer is selecting people for breaking God’s laws and proving the point that if we believe in one law, we have to suffer the rest. To be certain the world knows the sinner’s offense, he leaves chapter and verse spray painted on the walls at the scene of the murders. Detroit Police Detective Scott Murphy is tasked to find the Leviticus killer before he murders again. What is the killer’s real agenda and who will be next to die?

Here’s a few excerpts from Amazon reviewers:

The 5-Star reviewers said: ” It is fast paced and filled with all of the twists and turns that make for a good reading experience.” – “”Awesome fabulous book!! This is a new series from veteran author Bob Moats, and I hope there will be many more to come. I wasn’t sure about the mixing of religion and murder mysteries, but it worked flawlessly.” – “The Tease of the Killer leaving little clues and confusing leads to track at the beginning builds for the exciting conclusion. A must read for all fans of Murder Mystery as police procedural. I loved it.”

Now on Amazon at or for Nook at


View the book trailer Here:

Gus Mackie Book 5 Now Available

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“Gus Mackie and the Rock Star

Who could possibly hate a famous female rock star? That’s what Gus is hired to find out. The rock star’s manager requests that Gus locate the person responsible for numerous threatening letters, so Gus takes the case. With help from his friend and police homicide detective, Bernie Longmire, Gus starts his investigation by going to the recording studio where Tracy Jean has started a new album. While there someone takes a shot at the woman and it now becomes a goal to protect the singer. Gus harbors her in his home for now but he and Bernie decided on a plot to draw out the attempted murderer. Will they narrow down all the suspects who aren’t fans of the singer, especially since she has a big streak of mean that riles everyone she deals with. She’s not well loved by many, except the people who buy her records. This is the fifth book in the Gus Mackie novella series.




Now Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobo. Do a search for it today.



Last year I entered my book “Trick or Treat Murders” in the 2014 Halloween Book Festival held in Hollywood. It was the 14th year of the festival and my book received an honorable mention. They finally sent me the certificate and book stickers.




“Doyle’s Law” is now available on, Amazon and iTunes. Do a search for the name to find the page. If you don’t have the Audible service, look on the book page you’ll see a link to get the book for free by trying a one month trial subscription. You can cancel at anytime. The information is there that explains all the benefits of subscribing.






Gus Mackie Box Set Coming Soon!

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Coming soon. When the Lost Heiress is ready, it will go to the retailers. All four at a good price in one ebook.


I’m extremely pleased to announce that chapters for “Doyle’s Law” audiobook are finished. As soon as converts the book to it’s proper form as an audiobook, to place on Audible, Amazon and iTunes, I’ll post it here. My thanks to Tom Force for all the hard work he put into getting the narration just right. He brought Doyle to life.



Book 3 of Gus Mackie Now Available

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Just released this week! The third book of the Gus Mackie novella series, “Gus Mackie and the Weeping Wife”


Book synopsis:
It was time for Gus to move to a better office and out of a slum area in Detroit. Police homicide detective, Bernie Longmire, and Angela, Gus’ daughter, agree to help him move into his new office. Going back to the old office to get ready to move, they find a woman crying at Gus’ door. She has a problem, she doesn’t know where her husband is at. Did he run off with another woman or is he dead in a shallow grave. They were able to get the story from her despite all the crying she was doing and Gus took the case. After a quick move of Gus’ meager belongings, he and Bernie go after the first possibility, was the missing man murdered? They talked to a co-worker of the missing man and got the name of someone who was threatening him. They go to talk to the suspect and end up having to break up a domestic fight and then find out the suspect may have an alibi. Gus goes out on his own and finds a place where the missing man could be hiding, and why he was hiding. He travels to northern Michigan and discovers a dark secret involving the man, his wife and their family. This is the third novella in the Gus Mackie series.

It can be found for $2.99 on Amazon at: